The Game

An electronic Bible Board game with multi colored squares, seven playing tokens and multiple choice questions. There are 6 squares before the 7th and you can choose the value of the question you wish to answer according to the amount of squares you want to move towards the 7th square. The aim of the game is to answer the value 7 question correctly and to win a token to form a crown and the winner is the one who forms a complete crown first.

Desktop Game

Own the full game on PC and MAC (Coming Soon).

Mobile Game

Get it now on Google Play and iOS

Board Game

The electronic game is a start to the board game which will be produced and launched soon!

About Us

CMB (Christian Magazines/Music & Books) a Christian bookstore selling local and imported books, bibles, music and gifts opened in 2003. We developed our own product under the registered name HeavenBound™ which we have started creating in 1992 and have evolved into what is being launched today, an electronic Bible board game. The name HeavenBound™ resulted from the bible teaching that Christians are going to heaven. This product is still evolving and has such vast potential that it has become its own brand.

Mission Statement:

Play the Game, know the Word. Know the Word, play the Game.


Developing games and products that inspires the user to study God's Word and prepare for Heaven.

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General Manager

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Support & Admin

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